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Electronics Manufacturing Slang

ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit: A microchip that was designed for (usually) a single function or limted application.


CM - Contract Manufacturing: A company that assembled the products based on a design and drawings that you provide. Typically such a company will not have engineering services available to the customer.


EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Service: A company, such as Assembled Products, Inc. that provides a full range of engineering, manufacturing, and technical support services.


EDA - Electronics Design Automation: Usually refers to Computer Assisted Design/Engineering.


FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array: A microchip that can be programmed (changed) "in the field" after manufacturing.


IDT - Independent Design Team: A company providing a "per job" desgin service.


ODM - Original Device Manufacturer: A Company that builds a product for another company to market. This company typically retains the intellectual property rights.


OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer: Traditionally a company that designs and manufactured its own product.


VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory: Inventory control system which is contracted to another entity, either a CM or EMS provider or parts distributor.



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