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"Wizard Works" Design & Engineering Service


  Pronunciation: \ˈwi-zərd\ 

  Function: noun
  Etymology: Middle English wysard,
    from wis, wys wise
  Date: 15th century

      1 : archaic : a wise man : sage
      2 : one skilled in magic : sorcerer
      3 : a very clever or skillful person
wizard. (2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.
    Retrieved November 16, 2009, from


  Pronunciation: \ˈwərk\

  Function: noun
  Etymology: Middle English werk, work,
    from Old English werc, weorc; akin to
    Old High German werc work, Greek
Avestan varəzem activity
  Date: before 12th century

      7 a : something produced or accomplished
         by effort, exertion, or exercise of skill
: something produced by the exercise
         of creative talent or expenditure of
         creative effort
works. (2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.
    Retrieved November 16, 2009, from

"Wizard Works": The brain child of Assembled Products' finest engineers, Wizard Works was created "to allow for free thinking innovation. Free of the confines of what's been done before, each job starts with a clean sheet of paper and the creativity to solve any challenge."

Yuma Proving Grounds
Shock Wave Generator
Low Distortion Audio
Power Amps

Hi Performance Racing
Solenoid Control


Magnetic card reader and tracking system




Some of Wizard Works Design Contributions:

"Harmonic Stress Reducer" - Acquired by default from John Willingham & Associates (Willingham's World Famous Barbecue).  This is a highly modified TENS machine claimed to have tremendous powers to help the human body repair itself.  Customers included the Saudi Royal Air Force for use in fighter aircraft.   This sadistic machine can really feel good after awhile.

 "Fuel Pro" - An orphaned project of CFM Engineering (out of business).  This device controlled the fuel pump of high performance drag racing cars.  Its' purpose was to reduce electric fuel pump pressure at low RPMs while allowing full flow at higher ones.

 "Thunderbird replacement taillights" -  Sequential Thunderbird taillights, This project involves replacements/upgrades to certain years of Ford Thunderbirds. 

 "ESP" -  (9-1-1 autodialer) Patent by Assembled Products, Inc. has lapsed as defense became too expensive.  Designed for the "Mom & Pop" store, this device is a one-way extension telephone that only dials 911.  Pressing a single button under the counter will dial enhanced 911.  The operator would get the address from the data base and be able to listen in on what was happening around the phone.  Because the unit was not connected to any type of "system"  (required a real person to operate) it was approved for use by every 911 authority it was introduced to.  Copied many times.

 "Arrowlight" - A small "arrow" sign similar to those four by eight foot one seen at road construction sites.  This smaller version (15" by 26") is designed to fit in the truck of first responder's cars.  Operating on 12VDC it plugs into the car's power point (cigarette lighter).  Has all standard flashing and sequential patterns.  Can be upgraded to use LEDs for better power conservation.

"Auto Protect" - This device was designed to compete with the over-priced "Murphy Switch" (Trademark Murphy Company).  This product monitors some automated sensor for an error after some settling time, then sends a response.  An example: On a remote pumping station this product may monitor the oil pressure.  The motor could be remotely started, this device would allow the start for 30 seconds, if the oil pressure did not come up or at anytime fell below a set level, the device could kill the ignition.

 "Tail Biter" - Odd name for a device that allowed a solenoid on a trans-brake (Drag car) to consistently release.  Grease, oil, gasoline and even, humidity affect the response of the brake release solenoid, this products eliminates these factors.  Users swear by them but the marketing effort no longer exists. 

 "Curly Switch" - This is a quality pushbutton switch on a curled two-wire power cord used to hold the solenoid of a trans-brake closed.  Used in drag racing.

 "Monster Blaster" - Most toys are purchased by grandparents, this one is designed for parents to buy.  Consists of a nightlight, pushbutton sound effects, and chasing lights to chase "monsters" the hide under the bed and in the closets of 9 to 11 year olds away.  With the right marketing this could be a hot seller.

 "Martin Pellet Controller" "Willingham Pellet Controller" -  Similar products to control the feed rate of Pellet Stoves and Barbecues.  Basically, these turn on an circuit that operates a motor for a given variable period on a set interval.  These are presently marketed on the internet with greatest sales in the Fall as the stoves come out for the Winter.

"DD-1 Amplifier" - Audio amplifier designed for use by cheerleader instructors.  Built to withstand abuse of bus trips and instructors using it for rhythm (slapping the microphone in time).



"Cool Timer" - Designed to allow the operation of a cooling device on an automobile to operate after the engine is turned off.  Conceived to keep the cooling fan on an electric car running after the motor stops, it has been adapted to keep the electric oil pump running on a super-charged engine after the engine is turned off.  Present embodiment handles 8 amps and stays engaged for two minutes.

"Dynamic Battery Monitor" - An early project to monitor the performance of each of the eight batteries in a "Sebring" electric car while it is being operated.  This is an old project and can be upgraded in several ways if the market warrants it.

 "Snuff-back Controller" - Designed for a peristaltic pump that cooled a medical bone drill, this device turned a pump on whenever the drill was operated then reversed for one full turn when the drill shut off.  This action prevented the cooling solution from dripping into the patient.  Has many other applications.

"Aviation Noise Filter" - This is an in-line passive notch filter for the mid-human hearing range.  When used with aviation headsets, the intelligence is much more pronounced over the engine noise and radio static.

 "Airplane Alarm System" - A pre-nine-eleven device to protect small aircraft from theft.  Operates on a volume displacement sensor.  The unit fits into the instrument panel in a standard cutout.  A uniquely coded electronic key is used to turn the system off within 90 seconds - before a 120 db alarm goes off.  The average person cannot tolerate this sound level for more than about 20 seconds.  System automatically resets itself after 3 minutes of non activity.

 "Firefly" - A simple IR LED flasher used to identify something when visible light is not appropriate.  An example would be tracking a vehicle at night without being detected.  May be used to mark co-ordinates or targets.  Invisible to the unaided eye, it is easily seen with night-vision goggles or digital recording (camera) devices.

 "Vet Lithotripter" - Small lithotripsey machine for use by Veterinary Medical doctors for equine hoof problems.  This project was orphaned when the contracting company lost its' funding and went bankrupt.  Without FDA approvals (not required for Veterinary use) this unit could sell for less than $4K - affordable by most Veterinary groups.  (FDA approved $100K).

"Fill Control" -  A remote float switch system to control a pump.  Used to keep a tank filled from a remote position.  Unit uses a built-in self contained low voltage source to the switch with short circuit protection.  Pump can follow the float switch instantly or remain on for seconds to minutes after float switch reaches its' off level.  Has other unexplored uses.

 "Coonlight Controller" -  This circuit uses PWM to control the intensity of the headlight worn by coon hunters.  Most devices used in this industry simply use heat producing devices to control the intensity.  This means the batteries have a limited use.  With PWM the power is actually turned off for a period during each cycle which extends the batteries life by up to 3 times.  With prize monies exceeding $100K at a single tournament, every advantage is sought. 

 "Shakkkker" - An alarm system for vending machine.  Completely self contained, this system was designed for small machine such as those used for newspapers.  Works on a tilt switch principle.

  "Dunclif Amplifier" - True audiophile class mono-block audio amplifier.  This is a unique and patentable design of a class "A" amplifier that does not produce heat at idle.    Units sold in 2000 for in excess of $900 each. 


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