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Contract Manufacturing with Assembled Products Inc.

Minimizing Investments

Employing Assembled Products Inc. minimizes your investment in new plant and sophisticated design, test, and production equipment--which can run into the millions of dollars. Our customers have the competitive advantage of the experience, equipment and current technology available from Assembled Products.

You avoid increasing your fixed assets and keep capital free for investment in research and development or other high-priority areas.  By utilizing the facilities of Assembled Products, you retain access to the latest equipment, without paying for the full cost of the equipment, essentially paying for only what your project requires! Not only that, but your company is free of the overhead cost of the equipment, such as increased building space, repair and maintenance costs  and even personal property taxes!

You also eliminate the need to recruit, hire, train, and manage new engineering and manufacturing personnel. Assembled Products retains a complete staff of engineers and trained production personnel. Rather than wasting time hiring and maintaining in-house technical staff, our customers are free to concentrate on running their business. Meanwhile, our staff is trained and ready to start working on your project immediately, saving you time to market and reducing the learning curve.

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